KZN - LeCont does not change the price list, but the prices do change



As part of the assignment by ACI Sport to LeCont srl of the 2020-2022 supply of the KZN categories (Junior, Under and Over) Super - KF2 and TdM (Shifter ROK - KGP Shifter - X30 Super-Shifter - KGP Direct-drive - Super ROK - Rotax FR DD2 - IAME X30) with LeCont slick LeCont SVB CIK Option and rain/wet LeCont SV1 CIK Wet tires, LeCont srl announces that the retail prices of the tires of its production LeCont slick SVB CIK Option and rain/wet LeCont SV1 CIK Wet reserved for the supply of the aforementioned ACI Sport categories, starting from January 2021, a significant increase compared to 2020.

In fact, they evolve from:
  • 166,04€ to 168,97€ per train (*) for LeCont SVB CIK Option slick tires
  • 185,44€ to 188.37€ per train (*) for LeCont SV1 CIK Wet slick tires
(*) By train we mean 2 front tires + 2 rear tires of the same model.

Although LeCont has kept its list price unchanged, it is in fact the increase in the obligatory Eco-contribution imposed by the ministerial authorities that significantly affects the final price, having evolved from 0,30€ (+ VAT) per tire in 2020 to 0,90€ (+ VAT) per tire sold.

This corresponds to an increase of € 4,39 - including VAT - per set of tires.
With a circular from the Minister of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, the Minister has, in fact, defined new obligations for producers and importers in relation to the collection and management of End of Life Tires (ELTs).
The aforementioned circular, (already announced with note prot.n.4937/RIN of 03/19/2019), reports the major criticalities that have emerged in recent years due to misalignments between the total amount of the contribution collected for quantity of ELTs actually present in the area. From these critical issues come real environmental emergencies potentially culminating in the infamous "fires", harmful both to the environment and to the health of the human person.
Without prejudice to the management objectives to which tire manufacturers and importers are required, pursuant to Article 228 of Legislative Decree 152 of 2006, in order to guarantee the protection of the environment and human health, it is therefore necessary that all forms associated with the management of ELTs collect and manage further quantities of ELTs to be quantified in an incremental measure of 15% beyond their objectives - calculated as per Ministerial Decree 182/19 - making use of the redetermined contribution for the new quantities.

In this regard we have received from EcoTyre, the following restatement of the eco-contribution:
  • Karting tires (all sizes) category P - Type 1 Weight range of tires at introduction: 0-4,999. Environmental contribution (euro/tire) 0,90 (+ VAT 22%)
Sorry for this further detrimental burden on the final consumer, we trust that everyone will contribute to the correct management of ELTs in such a way that then everyone can benefit from the environmental and economic benefits.

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