Pikes Peak 2014: LeCont in Pole Position with Dumas and Norma-Honda


No surprises, Romain Dumas, driving the Norma M20 RD-Honda with LeCont tyres, has conquered Pole position of the 92nd edition of the Pikes Peak. Even the third day of qualifying has not changed initial results. Nobody has managed to beat Dumas and obtain first position, which the French driver had gained already on the first day, Wednesday, when he had obtained the best time by far in the first sector of the famous uphill. Yesterday (Friday), Dumas has once more been the author of the best time also on the third sector that leads the racers up to the incredible height of over 4300 meters. In the meantime, nobody has managed to get even close to the time of the French driver in the first sector. Dumas will then be the first to start among car drivers on Sunday. Before him will be drivers of motorcycles and quads. In the four wheels category, after Dumas, 2nd and 3rd are the two drivers of the Mitsubishi Miev Evolution III, of the modified electric category, Tracy and Masuoka. The veteran of the Pikes Peak, Tajima, US driver Dallenbach and the Italian Piero Nappi follow in the starting order.
Results of qualifying: 1° Romain Dumas (F) Norma M20 RD-Honda/LeCont, Unlimited; 2° Greg Tracy (USA) Mitsubishi Miev Evolution III/Dunlop, Electric Modified; 3° Hiroshi Masuoka (J) Mitsubishi Miev Evolution III/Dunlop, Electric Modified; 4° Nobuhiro Tajima (J) Monster Sport E-Runner/Giti, Electric Modified; 5° Paul Dallenbach (USA) PVA 3, PPC Open Wheel; 6° Piero Nappi (I) Picchio, P4 pp.