Patent, 2012

Electronic automatic rasping machine for light and giant transport tires. Equipped with an innovative patented buffing system and a new automatic tire fitting, the Buffing Machine CR 500 has a low energy consumption, an efficient system suction of scraping and a low phonetic impact: a Compact Rasp for tires up to 500 mm wide

Low maintenance costs

Low energy consumption

Manual control

Supply 400 V
Pneumatic feeding 8 bar
Absorption during work 24 A
Compressed air consumption 280 Nl
Dimensions 2400 x 2150 x 2200 mm
Weight 4200 kg
Processable tires 15" : 24" x 150 mm : 500 mm
Control panel
Suction system for buffing scraps
Brushing processing
Buffed tire


The innovation consists in the new tire processing system by means of milling. Buffing Machine CR 500 uses a newly developed tool made and patented by Go Energy which removes residual tread avoiding thermal shock of the tire. In this phase 95% of the material is removed through the rasp basket from the remaining 5% to obtain the right RMA texture: a technology that allows to considerably reduce the consumption of electricity

Operational sequence

  1. Pneumatic load to be buffed
  2. Gouge measurement and automatic inflation
  3. Program start
  4. Brushing, milling and buffing processes
  5. Pneumatic deflation and unloading
  6. Tire extraction worked


  • Increase in productivity
  • Self-cleaning
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Energy consumption at maximum working speed: 14 A (with 11 KW motor)
  • Reduction of trauma and consequences for the health of operators
  • Rasp blades that last 4 times longer than standard buffers
  • Average time of the operator on the machine for each processing cycle: 60" (example of the complete "floor to floor" cycle with 385/65 R22 5: 330')
  • Machine with hermetic seal
  • Single and unqualified operator
  • Manual increase of the pass through joystick
  • Machining of tires offset from the heels thanks to the intelligent decentralization system
  • Simple and intuitive multilingual control panel
  • Quick replacement of cutter beads and blades (resharpenable)