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Lecont: 21 years of passion for racing

Founded by two brothers, Sergio and Valter Cont, motorsports and technology enthusiasts, LeCont s.r.l. is a company of the Trentino area in the North of Italy, and is producer of competition tyres and high performance compounds.

Born in 1993, after having made its debut with immediate success in the motorcycle sector, LeCont has positioned itself as one of the five companies leaders in the karting World, before starting its experience in race cars competitions.

This last step has been done at first with the company’s own brand producing tyres with traditional carcass (cross plies), especially in the 10” dimension, and in a second stage as supplier of compounds and technology for other companies.

Starting from Pikes Peak 2014 (June 29, 2014) LeCont has made a huge step forward entering the car racing World with 13” tyres and radial technology, aimed to be used on prototypes such as the Norma M20 RD-Honda driven during the race in Colorado (USA) by the French driver Romain Dumas.

In its main sector of activity, karting, LeCont has, from 1996 until today, always homologated at least one range of tyres with the International Federation, CIK-FIA.

During its first years, LeCont tyres have raced as All Tyres, then changed to Cont Sport Tyres and finally (2004) with today’s commercial brand: LeCont.

Since its birth LeCont has won a number of prestigious international high level titles.

In fact, during these last 20 years of racing, various drivers, using LeCont tyres, have won:

  • 2 U18 World Champion titles (2011-2012)
  • 1 KFJ World Champion title (2013)
  • 1 KFJ European Champion title (2013)
  • 2 “Winner of the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy” international titles (2011-2012) well as:

  • 38 Italian Champion titles (1 in motocross (1997, 250 cm3 VISP class), 37 in karting)
  • 10 British Champion titles
  • 13 Swedish Champion titles
  • 8 Lithuanian Champion titles
  • 8 Romanian Champion titles
  • 3 French Champion titles
  • 1 Belgian Champion title
  • 1 Mexican Champion title
  • 5 Italian National Trophies
  • 3 time Winner of Le Mans karting 24 Hours
  • 4 WSK trophies